Love Naturally

Posted on 23 Mar 2015 | Posted in Innovations

Intimate time with your partner can be more natural now.
HLL has come up with a condom that is good for the environment.It is Dr Lakshminarayanan Raghupathy, Scientist of Corporate R&D Centre of HLL who came up with the idea of an eco friendly condom. The project to produce this new generation of polyester-based condoms that is cheaper and eco-friendly has been declared a winner of the Grand Challenges Explorations, a US$100 million initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
By using polyester as the raw material, this project aims at producing better and eco-friendly condom with reduced thickness at cheaper cost.
HLL CMD says "HLL's philosophy is to fuse innovation with social commitment. He affirmed that, this pioneering project will take the contraceptive revolution further ahead and give a fillip to our initiatives in providing better solution in the area of reproductive health."
Dr. Raghupathy had earlier received GCE Round 11 fund, which he used to develop a super-thin, ultra-sensitive male contraceptive made by blending latex with graphene. Incorporation of graphene into condoms can reduce their thickness from about 0.07 mm currently to less than 0.04 mm and also increase the heat conductivity.

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