When the Mozart of Madras did HLL's jingle

Posted on 17 Nov 2012 | Posted in General

A R RahmanSifting through archives for our Heritage series in the company magazine HLL Family revealed the AR Rahman connection we had in the late 80s. This was in the days when the Mozart of Madras, as he is known, was busy in the advertisement world, composing jingles. His debut in the film world was to come only in 1992 with Mani Ratnam's Roja.

Mr. Rahman composed a jingle for ‘Share’ condom's television commercial. Share was one of the contraceptive brands under HLL.

RK Swamy was the agency handling the campaign of Share condoms, its USP being that it was India’s first spermicidal condom. Obviously, the campaign would be aired on Doorsharshan network, as it was the only major television network in India at the time.

It was Sundar, then the creative director of RK Swamy, who roped in Rahman to compose the music for the Share condoms advertisement. True to A.R.Rahman's music, the jingle was a different attempt in terms of style and making compared to the conventional school of television commercials. In the film making side, creators blended animation and graphics with live-action footage. At that time, when digital filmmaking was nowhere in the picture, it was an innovative attempt. Music composed by A.R. Rahman was one of the major highlights of the advert as it distinctly stood out. Rahman mainly used the pan flute, one of the oldest and most enduring music instruments in the world, to convey the beautiful mood-setting melody in the jingle. Many awards and international recognition came Mr. Rahman's way, but he is still the soft-spoken, down-to-earth person he always was. Here's wishing him even more success and magical scores to entrance his fans!

To watch this great piece of HLL Heritage, please visit www.youtube.com/channelhll

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